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Agriculture Land Lease Opportunity

The Town of Royalton will hold a lottery to select a lessee for a lot of roughly 8 acres of farmland located on the site of the Royalton Town Offices (2460 Vermont Route 14).

The land is available for seasonal crop use only, beginning April 1, 2024, and ending March 30, 2027 for a cost of $400.00 per year. The lessee is required to abide by the State of Vermont’s Required Agricultural Practices including maintaining proper buffer zones, providing adequate nutrients back into the soil, responsible use of relevant pesticides and fertilizers, and establishing appropriate cover crops. Provision of replacement nutrients and establishment of cover crops is required each year, including during the final year of the lease once crops have been harvested. Interested parties should be aware that there is no irrigation on the property, and the land cannot be certified as organic.

Interested parties should send a cover letter detailing the name of the organization, crops intended to be grown, and certificate of insurance for the farm / organization.

The Selectboard will draw an awardee at their regular meeting on November 28, 2023. Interested parties should submit their letter of interest no later than 2 PM on Monday, November 27th.

Interest should be sent to:


Victoria Paquin

Royalton Town Administrator

2460 VT RT 14 (PO Box 680)

  1. Royalton VT 05068


Questions can be directed to or 802-763-7967