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Federal, State, and local elections are managed at the local level by the Town Clerk in conjunction with the Board of Civil Authority. This process is regulated by the Vermont Secretary of State. For information on voting, elections results and other topics, contact your town clerk or visit the Secretary of State's Website  .

Please update your residential and mailing addresses, and your voter status online: or at the clerk office.

Keeping your mailing address, phone number and email current is essential for timely mailing and delivery of early or absentee ballots. 

Elections 2024: current voter base 2,064 as of  06/13/2024
State Primaries and town-wide bond vote August 13, 2024 Royalton School from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Civic Minded? Interested in how elections work? Want to assist the Board of Civil Authority during the Election process? If so, contact the Town Clerk's Office

For prior year Election Results, current sample ballot, and all other documents related to elections and voting visit the Document Center