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Royalton Hill (Foxstand) Bridge Update - 5/8/2024

Update: 5/8/2024

               The VTrans contractor has completed their inspection of Royalton Hill (Foxstand) Bridge and is continuing to assess the data and bridge condition. VTrans has notified the town that the initial review shows that it is unlikely that the bridge will be able to be opened to traffic unless some repairs are completed. 

               Right now, it is unclear what the extent of the necessary repairs would be and what the cost would be to the town to complete those repairs. VTrans is meeting with the contractor in the coming weeks, and the Town will meet with Vtrans before the end of this month (May).

               We thank the town for their patience while we work through the process of determining next steps, and will be sure to provide updates and opportunities for discussion as we move forward.

Published 4/11/2024

On Tuesday, April 9, 2024 Royalton Hill (Foxstand) bridge had a scheduled closure for the day to allow a VTrans contractor to perform a bridge inspection. This inspection was being conducted as the first step in a longer term construction process to either repair or replace the bridge. This project is being managed and majority funded by VTrans through their town highway bridge capital budget. The contractor expected to complete the full bridge inspection on Tuesday the 9th. Unfortunately, the inspection revealed that the bridge has multiple areas of rust degradation. One gusset plate in particular was found to be of significant concern due to extensive loss of integrity due to decay. Because of the number of instances that needed to be documented as part of the inspection, the contractor was unable to complete the full inspection in one day as initially expected. As a result of the findings, the inspectors and engineers determined that the bridge needed to be immediately closed for safety. 

Here is the most recent news about the next steps:

  • The bridge inspection team will return on April 18th to finish the inspection of the bridge.
  • Once the inspection is fully completed, engineers will utilize the information from that inspection to determine a load limit for the structure. We expect that this load limit will be determined by the end of this month (April).
  • Royalton Hill Bridge will remain fully closed at least through the end of this month (April), but may be closed longer depending on the findings of the inspection and the results of the load rating.
We do understand that it is a burden to navigate around this closure, particularly as the conditions on Back River Road are currently less than ideal. Unfortunately, in addition to the current bridge difficulties, the town's grader has a broken radiator. We are hopeful that the replacement part will arrive in the next two weeks - it is currently on route from Singapore. In the meantime, the crew is doing the best that they can with the equipment that they have and our foreman has worked with a neighboring town to bring a grader into Royalton to work on Back River Road early next week. 

We will make sure to continue to provide updates as they become available. As always, those with questions or concerns can contact the town administrator at (802) - 763 - 7967 or by email at You may also contact select board member Tim Murphy with concerns related to this bridge closure or any other highway matters at 

With thanks for your continued patience,

Victoria Paquin
Royalton Town Administrator